Dallas Cowboys Fans Fight Each Other In Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys and their fans are falling apart at the seems today.

The team lost 23-17 to the San Francisco 49ers at home today and it has not been a pretty sight for fans this evening. After the team lost in heartbreaking fashion, fans were seen throwing objects at refs and players.

The fans are looking even worse for wear after a group of Cowboy fans got in to a fight in the stadium.

When I saw this video I anticipated that we would see a Cowboys fan throwing fists with a 49ers fan, but that wasn’t even the case. Cowboys fans are happy to throw objects at their own players and fists at their own fan base.

You hate to see it.

No doubt many Cowboy fans will be considering their faithfulness to this team in the morning. Cowboys fans have been fed a roller coaster of emotions over the last decade and this might be the cherry on the top for some.

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