Fernando Tatis Jr. and Trevor Bauer Trade “Daddy” Insults on Twitter

Don’t look now baseball fans but the best rivalry in all of MLB now resides in SoCal.

As if the San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers colliding for the second straight weekend wasn’t enough, we now have a full-fledged beef to go along with it! Padres superstar Fernando Tatis Jr. responded to criticism from L.A. starter Trevor Bauer over his savage home run celebration during Saturday’s game.


It all started on the diamond itself when Tatis slugged the second pitch he saw from Bauer in the very first inning into the seats.

Tatis covered one eye as he rounded first base, a direct shot at the reigning NL Cy Young Award winner. In an act that can only be described as arrogant, Bauer notably pitched a spring training game against the Padres with one eye closed.

Well, now Tatis and the Padres are firing back. The superstar shortstop wasn’t done there. He clobbered yet another homer in the sixth inning. It came off of Bauer again and Tatis had more celebration antics at the ready.

Nothing to see here. Just a little hop, skip and jump while rounding third base. I mean shoot, that dinger was Tatis’ fourth home run over a two-night span. Add in the fact that two came off a pitcher who trolled his squad in spring training and he has every right to be hyped.

On the positive side, it doesn’t appear likely that Trevor Bauer or any Dodgers will be head-hunting Fernando Tatis Jr. in the future. Bauer suggested in an interview with MLB.com that when it comes to Tatis and his flamboyant cellies, he is “all for it”.

Good for Trevor. BUT…are we absolutely positive that this is all fun and games??

A fan’s Twitter video accused Tatis of peaking down at the catcher to steal the signs on the pitch that ultimately became his second homer of the night. You be the judge:

Well, Bauer changed his tune entirely when he stumbled upon that clip. And Tatis was ready and waiting in the replies. Once daddy insults start getting thrown around, you know there’s a fire burning!

After slugging two home runs off of him, Fernando Tatis Jr. apparently felt he had done enough to BE Trevor Bauer’s daddy. What a comeback!

Bauer wasn’t just gonna let that stand. His retort managed to drag fellow Padre Manny Machado into the fray:

Now, THIS is what baseball needs! Two of the game’s stars firing away at one another both on the field and on Twitter. It sure makes tonight’s series finale (and rubber match) all the more compelling.

It’s not like Tatis and Bauer can just duck one another either. The Padres and Dodgers will square up 12 more times this season.

Much like any time the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox do battle, this NL West rivalry has truly become one not to miss.

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