Colts Radio Analyst Obliterates Former Eagle Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz is currently on break after the Colts didn’t make the playoffs.

Colts radio voice Rick Venturi is the latest in a long line of people to blast quarterback Carson Wentz.

Venturi, a former college head coach and longtime NFL assistant coach, is now the color analyst on the Colts’ radio network.

In an interview on radio station 107.5 The Fan with a host apparently known only as “JMV,” Venturi cast doubt on Wentz’ ability to continue as the Colts’ quarterback.

“A franchise can make a mistake,” Venturi told 107.5 according to the Indianapolis Star. “It can make a mistake evaluating people, be it a draft, a trade, free agency. It’s never an exact science. But the biggest mistake that any franchise makes, $15 million notwithstanding, is to make the second mistake, and that’s live with the first mistake.

“To me, you make a hard decision. And right now, I would be leaning toward going in a different direction.”

“He couldn’t have walked into a better situation,” Venturi said. “I bought into the deal. I made the highlight tape, I looked at him, I looked at all the tools that he had. He’s a multiple-tool player. When you look at him in isolation, there’s absolutely nothing that he cannot do. And he came to a situation with the quarterback whisperer, a guy who wanted him, who stood up on the table for him, who sold them to this organization.”

Venturi has had it with Wentz.

“When you look at Wentz, it’s very easy to be wowed,” he said. “But in the end, some players grow on you and some players grow negatively. He has grown negatively on me because what I see in the long haul is the guy who kills us with erratic throws, erratic periods of accuracy.

“This kills me the most, because I think this is probably irreversible, is absolute head-scratching judgment issues that are just ridiculous issues. We’ve seen them over and over. I think he’s more blacksmith than surgeon. I think the big moments are his enemy. I doubt that’s reversible. Frank couldn’t do it. Who can?”

Wentz struggled in the last two games of the season, upset losses to the Raiders and Jaguars that knocked the Colts out of the playoff hunt.

Wentz has earned a little bit over $100 million so far in his six NFL seasons.

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