Colin Cowherd Shockingly Reacts To The OnlyFans News

Colin Cowherd: big OnlyFans guy?

Well, I guess enough to comment on today’s latest development about the popular website.

It was announced earlier today that OnlyFans was not going to allow users to show pornography on their subscription sites anymore.


When FS1 host Colin Cowherd saw the news, he took to social media to share his take on the whole thing.

“It doesn’t feel like Onlyfans will be the same w just juggling & card tricks,” Cowherd said jokingly.

Of course, fans were quick to make some jokes about Colin Cowherd’s tweet.

Perhaps Colin Cowherd has been using OnlyFans.

Probably not, but it’s still pretty damn funny that the middle-aged hot takes expert felt the need to weigh in on OnlyFans disallowing porn.

We’ll see how long he leaves the tweet up.

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