Colin Cowherd Insults Zach Wilson By Comparing Him to Rich Boy Johnny Manziel

Colin Cowherd gets paid to dish out his particular brand of hot takes. His latest hot take is once again as wacky as he is. According to Cowherd, New York Jets rookie QB Zach Wilson reminds him of NFL flameout Johnny Manziel. How does he remind him of Johnny Manziel? Well according to Cowherd, much like Manziel, Wilson is small, cocky, and comes from wealth.


Listen to Cowherd explain below:

Twitter reacted:

At this point in time, comparing any QB to Manziel is akin to saying they’re trash. I think that’s what Cowherd is insinuating.

Let Zach Wilson play before you trash his entire career. Just like one week is all you need, then you can throw him under the bus.

Cowherd’s takes are so batsh*t crazy.

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