Chicago Bulls Announcer Stacey King Getting Trolled For Extremely Inappropriate Comment During Preseason Game

Chicago Bulls announcer Stacey King is one of the more entertaining voices in the entire NBA. He comes up with random one-liners, gets excited easily, makes up funny nicknames, etc. For as bad as the Bulls have been for the past few years, Stacey King finds a way to keep it interesting.

With all that being said, he may have taken it too far during the Bulls preseason game with the Houston Rockets on Friday Night. Noah Vonleh threw down a dunk, and Stacey King blurted out this grotesque comment.

“Open your moth wide and take it,” King says on-air.

Of course, people on social media had something to say about Stacey King’s one-liner.

Get in Some Sideaction:

In Stacey King’s defense, he just says stuff without even realizing what he’s saying half the time. While this tactic probably isn’t the best way to go about sports announcing, it’s part of what makes King so fun to listen to. I was watching this game and didn’t even notice the comment because I’m so immune to Stacey King saying weird things.

He’s never made a comment like this though, and I don’t expect that he ever will again. Honest mistake.

Never change, Stacey King.

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