Chess Grandmaster Hans Niemann Accused Of Using Vibrating Anal Beads To Beat World Number 1 Magnus Carlsen

How’s that for a headline?

The Chess world was rocked last week when No. 1 ranked chess player Magnus Carlsen suffered a shocking loss to Hans Niemann at the Sinquefield Cup, ending his 53-game winning streak. Following the upset loss, Carlsen announced that he was withdrawing from the tournament and tweeted out this tweet video of soccer manager Jose Mourinho


There are allegations stating that Niemann used “wireless vibrating anal beads” to signal winning moves.

Via SportBible:

A bizarre theory circulating online claims Niemann could have used an accomplice, computer assistance and vibrating anal beads to beat Carlsen, who was on a two-year unbeaten run before their match.

“Currently obsessed with the notion that Hans Niemann has been cheating at the Sinquefield Cup chess tournament using wireless anal beads that vibrate him the correct moves,” posted one fan on Twitter.

Niemann denied the use of any performance enhancing anal beads.

He said: “I have never cheated in an over-the-board game.”

“I don’t care. Because I know I am clean. You want me to play in a closed box with zero electronic transmission, I don’t care.

“I’m here to win and that is my goal regardless.”

He became a chess grandmaster in 2020 and is currently ranked 41st in the world

According to the Guardian, Niemann has been banned from and has been uninvited from the Global Championship.

What a crappy thing to get accused of.

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