Wife Of Former NFL Quarterback Cade McNown Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Designer Items

Christina McNown, the wife of former NFL quarterback Cade McNown, has been arrested on Tuesday after allegedly stealing luxury goods.

Per The New York Post:

“Christina McNown, the wife of former UCLA and NFL quarterback Cade McNown, has been arrested for allegedly stealing luxury goods, TMZ reported on Tuesday.

The mother of four, who works as a stylist, was arrested following an investigation that noted she “allegedly lifted” designer items, such as purses, clothing, and jewelry, from Sydney Holland, with whom she had worked, according to TMZ sources.

Holland, a philanthropist, is said to have picked up on her belongings going missing over the course of a few months, even seeing a few pieces online.”

Cade McNown was considered a top NFL prospect coming out of UCLA in 1999 – and was selected 12th overall by the Chicago Bears.

But McNown never lived up to the hype, and was traded by Chicago after just two seasons with the team. He never played an NFL game after the 2000 season.

According to The New York Post, Christina McNown has not responded to the allegations that she has been stealing.

We’ll await any more developments from this troubling story.

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