Hilarious SNL Spoof Of Lincoln Riley’s Introductory Press Conference At USC Takes Over The Internet

Everyone was expecting USC to roll out the red carpet when introducing Lincoln Riley as their next head coach.

But instead, the school set up an awkward game show looking podium for Riley. And had some weird antics with their band and elderly boosters, as well.

The whole scene made for a pretty cringe-worthy moment as Lincoln Riley was walking up onto the stage.

In a hilarious and perfect spoof, sports producer Jason Gallagher used SNL’s “What’s Up With That” skit mixed in with the images from the Lincoln Riley press conference.


Social media nearly exploded after the spoof of Lincoln Riley’s presser hit the net.

It was honestly a little hard to tell when the SNL part of the spoof video stopped and the Lincoln Riley part began.

Somehow, USC found a way to make a great day for the program an incredibly awkward viral moment. But nevertheless, I’m sure it won’t take away from the excitement Trojans fans have that they were actually able to land a top football coach for their vacancy.

Lincoln Riley’s first appearance as USC head coach might’ve been a hilarious swing-and-a-miss. But luckily, there’s no where to go but up from whatever that introduction was.

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