Mint Mobile Offering Deal To Let Everyone Celebrate Bobby Bonilla Day

Happy Bobby Bonilla day!

On July 1 every year until 2035, former Mets outfielder Bobby Bonilla will be paid nearly $1.2 million thanks to an irresponsible deal the Mets made in 1999.


While fans everywhere have fun with the unique day, now they too will have a chance to capitalize.

Mint Mobile is now offering the “Bobby Bonilla deal” which will be 25 years of service for just $100 a year. Bonilla has even teamed up with the company to help endorse the new deal.


In an ad, Bonilla talks about his long term deal as a reason for his prime physical condition. When someone says to him that Mint Mobile’s deal “seems really fiscally irresponsible of them”, Bonilla responds in the commercial, “it does.”

“Today seemed like a good day for us to act like a big wireless company and lock someone into a really long contract,” Mint Mobile CMO Aron North said of the Bobby Bonilla deal via The New York Post. “It’s not something we’d normally do, but in honor of the greatest long-term contract ever we had to. It sounded fun and we like having fun.”

When the Mets released Bobby Bonilla after the 1999 season, the team agreed to the deal to pay him in 2011-35 instead of buying out the $5.9 Million left on his contract right then and there.

While the deal has backfired, Bobby Bonilla seems to be benefitting just fine.

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