Bears Wide Receiver Coach Took a Shot at Mitch Trubisky Following His Benching

The great debate over which Quarterback to play quickly ended this week at Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy anointed Nick Foles as the Bears starting QB moving forward.

Despite the Bears being 2-0 with Mitch under center, they looked completely energized when Nick Foles replaced him in the second half of last Sunday’s come from behind victory against the Falcons.



Now Nick is the man moving forward.

But even more telling was how the Bears Wide Receivers Coach reacted when asked about about a back-shoulder throw from Foles to Wims. Mike Furrey’s response was pretty telling.

Foles went 16/29 for 188 yards, threw three touchdowns and tossed one pick, which could have gone the other way for a TD. Basically he played a near perfect game. We know Mitch is more of an improvising QB who plays better on the move, but he’s had plenty of time to show he can consistently be a good QB.

This is exactly why they decided not to sign him to an extension. To make matter worse the Bears have to constantly be reminded of their drafting Trubisky mistake.

Mike Furrey is going to be pretty happy that his Wideouts finally have a QB who knows how to consistently throw.

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