Antonio Brown Is Facing Another Lawsuit

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown may have been one of the greatest receivers of all-time…if it weren’t for his off-the-field troubles.

Brown had some issues during his tenure in Pittsburgh, but his wild run of troubles have really occurred in recent years. He was impossible to work with in Oakland, and had a brief run in New England that was cut short due to his behavior away from football. It seems like Tom Brady knows how to keep him engaged, because there were no issues with Brown during the Bucs’ Super Bowl run last season. Until now.


Antonio Brown is reportedly being sued for battery and assault by a moving truck driver. The man is seeking damages over $30,000.

According to the report, the driver, Anton Tumanov, moved AB’s belongings from California to Florida last year. When he arrived, he was met with hostility by Antonio Brown and his trainer, Glenn Holt. The driver alleges that Brown and Holt attacked his vehicle, and broke his key. They then, “proceeded to verbally and physically attack (Tumanov), causing severe personal injuries.”

The driver says he still suffers bodily injuries and mental anguish from the incident.

Antonio Brown was signed to a two-year deal by Tampa Bay this offseason, just after he settled an unrelated sexual assault case.

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