Shaq Hilarious Helped Charles Barkley When He Cramped Up During ‘Inside The NBA’

TNT was really onto something when they paired Shaquille O’ Neal with Charles Barkley for ‘Inside The NBA’. Even when the TNT game doesn’t interest me, I’ll tune in to hear Shaq and Charles’ banter, and it literally never disappoints.


On Thursday, Shaq and Charles were up to their tricks again.

Charles Barkley was having a tough time on the set, and started cramping up. Barkley looked like he was having some trouble moving, so Shaq came to the rescue.

Ernie Johnson even knew the video would go viral, and he was right.

“Inside The NBA” is easily the most fun in-game panel in any sports, or for any network. They make the games way more fun than if it was just your usual talking heads up there.

Other sports and television stations have been trying for years to emulate what TNT has with Shaq and Barkley, and it just isn’t the same. Hopefully the show sticks around for a long time to come.

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