Anna Kournikova’s Kids Reacted to Their Mom’s Sexy ‘Escape’ Music Video

Anna Kournikova, the 40-year-old tennis starlet, met her now husband Enrique Iglesias on the set of the music video for his 2001 hit “Escape.” And during a recent episode of SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show, Iglesias revealed that their children have seen the video, and they pretty quickly figured it out.

In the sexy video, Anna and Enrique are seen getting hot and heavy in a public bathroom, a car and an empty theater.

“I think my kids have already seen—well, I think, no, I know my kids have already seen that video,” the father to 3-year-old twins Nicholas and Lucy and 20-month-old Mary, said. “And they’re putting two and two together. Like, ‘Oh, really?'”

They do have some questions about that video:

“When they watch that video, I think it does throw them off a little bit,” he continued. “‘What is mom doing there, you know, with dad, you know? When was this?’ It’s actually, it’s incredible to watch the expression on their faces. It’s pretty cool.”

You can watch the music video below:

During an episode of MTV’s Making the Video, Iglesias said, “It doesn’t take a good actor to try to kiss Anna and make it believable.”

Cray to think Anna Kournikova is 40 years old.

Where has the time gone?

Check out more of the former Tennis star below:

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