Accuser Says Ed Orgeron Knew Of Derrius Guice Allegations, Lied To Investigators

74-year-old woman Gloria Scott made news this week when she accused former LSU running back Derrius Guice of sexually assaulting her while she was working as a security guard at Mercedes-Benz Superdome.


While these accusations were troubling in their own right, Scott is also saying that LSU coach Ed Orgeron was well-aware of the situation, despite what he told investigators.

“Coach O is telling a lie,” Scott told USA Today as well as the Louisiana Senate Select Committee on Women and Children, who are looking into potential Title IX violations. “He’s not telling the truth. I don’t have no reason to lie. I know who I was talking to. He knows he talked to me.”

Gloria Scott told the story of how Derrius Guice made her feel uncomfortable while she was sitting on her post at the Superdome.

Per USA Today:

“I like to f— women like you, you older women, because y’all know y’all like us young men to f— y’all,” Scott said Guice told her. “And, you know you want this body.”

Scott was shocked, she said. Guice kept making vulgar comments while rubbing his body up and down, from his chest to his genitals. She said she asked Guice to move away and leave her alone, but he refused. He had a big grin on his face, she said, and his friends were on his sides, laughing. This went on for a few minutes, Scott said. She felt degraded.

These allegations certainly make Derrius Guice sound like a truly terrible person. If Scott can prove that Coach O really knew about this, and covered it up, then we will need to see some discipline handed down.

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