Raiders Cut 2021 First Round Pick Alex Leatherwood: Jon Gruden, Mike Mayock Continue to Get Mocked By Fans

The short tenure of offensive lineman Alex Leatherwood is just the latest example of how badly Jon Gruden and former GM Mike Mayock failed with their draft picks during their time as the brain trust for the Las Vegas Raiders.

On Tuesday morning, NFL insider Adam Schefter announced that the Raiders were releasing Leatherwood after selecting  the Alabama product in the first round just one year ago.

In wake of the move, fans immediately pointed to all the misses the Raiders had in the NFL Draft when Gruden and Mayock were making the decisions during their time with the Raiders.

Since being fired for having derogatory emails revealed, Jon Gruden has started a lawsuit against Roger Goodell and the NFL for their role in the situation.

Despite settlement rumors, The Athletic’s Vic Tafur insinuated that Gruden might want to have his day in a court room to explain his side of the story.

“People close to Gruden think that he might want to have his day in court,” Tafur wrote. “He has plenty of money from his broadcasting, Raiders and sponsorship deals and may value putting Goodell on trial more than any dollar figure.”

It sure seems like Jon Gruden thinks he’ll coach again in the NFL. But not only do the emails make it incredibly hard for any potential team to take on that risk, but as many Raiders fans are pointing out today, it’s not like he was particularly good at his job during his four-year tenure either.

It’s hard to imagine that we’ll see Jon Gruden or Mike Mayock back in prominent NFL positions again.

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