Herschel Walker Reportedly Lied to His Campaign About His Secret Children

Herschel Walker is experiencing the hard way what it’s like to run for political office.

Over the past few months it has been revealed that the former NFL star running back has lied about his academic record, that’s he has lied about his business record, and he even has a secret son he doesn’t see. It was then revealed a few weeks ago that he has two more secret children.

The Daily Beast reported on Thursday that Walker has been lying to his own campaign about all of these children.

This account of Walker lying to his own campaign about his children comes from a closely connected adviser and was verified by communications that the source turned over to The Daily Beast. We are not quoting from the messages out of concern that they could potentially expose the source’s identity.

The communications reveal a campaign and a candidate in chaos.

Emails and texts show advisers discussing how they don’t trust Walker—both to tell the truth to them and to handle campaign events properly—and harboring concerns that he isn’t mentally fit for the job.

He spouts falsehoods “like he’s breathing,” this adviser said—so much so that his own campaign stopped believing him long ago.

“He’s lied so much that we don’t know what’s true,” the person said, adding that aides have “zero” trust in the candidate. Three people interviewed for this article independently called him a “pathological liar.”

The Walker campaign declined comment.”

The news that Walker has repeatedly lied to his campaign is just the tip of the iceberg for the former football star who cruised to the Republican nomination for Senate in Georgia.

I wonder what Herschel’s son has to say about this:

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