Video Of George Pickens Watching Himself Get Drafted Like A Psycho Goes Viral

While many believed Georgia receiver George Pickens was one of the more talented wideouts in this year’s draft, he continued to fall as the weekend went on.

Finally, the Steelers selected Pickens with 52nd overall selection in the NFL Draft.

Immediately, video of George Pickens standing in front of his TV while aggressively nodding while his name was called went viral.

A whole bunch of people shared their own reaction to the viral George Pickens video.

As George Pickens was getting passed up on by many NFL teams, it was reported that some character concerns may have contributed.

But regardless, he proved to be a vital part of Georgia when there — and you never heard of any locker room problems at the time.

Time will tell how George Pickens fits in as a Steeler. But his draft video could either be legendary or hilarious depending on how his career plays out.

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