Chicago Rapper Reveals Former Bears Corner Charles Tillman Raided His House As FBI Agent

Former Chicago Bears cornerback appears to have found a unique second act.

When talking about a recent FBI raid of his home, Chicago rapper “Lil Reese” revealed that when he was being talked to by the FBI, he noticed that one of them was most definitely the former Bears takeaway artist.

Lil Reese would go on to say that when he pressed the FBI agent about the fact that he was very clearly Charles Tillman, he didn’t give a direct response expect for saying, “don’t worry about it.”

During his NFL career, “Peanut” Tillman was best known for his unique ability to strip in opponent by throwing a punch towards the football. As time went on, the move is now best known as the “peanut punch”.

According to Lil Reese, the feds have now found another use for Charles Tillman’s abilities.

Obviously, we’re not expecting Tillman to answer these FBI rumors, especially if they’re true.

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