Brett Favre Troubling Text Messages Revealed

The Old Gunslinger is back in the news.

Brett Favre allegedly received over $8 million in funds from Mississippi officials, according to a new report from Anna Wolfe of Mississippi Today, who was able to obtain text messages from Favre showing him pressuring welfare officials for the funds. $2 million of the money went from the Mississippi Department of Human Services to a pharmaceutical company that Favre worked with in the past. Another $5 million in grant funds went toward a new volleyball stadium for the University of Southern Mississippi.

And as we now know, $1.1 million in welfare money was collected by Favre for his own personal use.

Farve and his business partner reportedly texted that they planned to offer the Governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant, shares in the company to influence him.

“I guess we verbally ask the Governor what the rules are to compensate him,” Vanlandingham texted Favre in late 2018. “Worse case scenario I give you more stock that as an individual u can transfer to him. But let’s avoid trouble at all cost.”

“Group text the governor and tell him we want to give him shares but don’t want to get anyone in trouble,” Farve added that the time.

You can see the text messages below:

Favre has previously denied any knowledge of the misuse of funds.

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