Ben Roethlisberger Has a Message For Steelers Fans Over How They Treated Mitchell Trubisky

Big Ben ain’t about those boo birds.

Former Pittsburgh Steelers legend, Ben Roethlisberger, wants Pittsburgh Steelers fans to show more respect towards Steelers starting quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. In a recent episode of his podcast, Big Ben expressed his support for Trubisky while stating it was grossly unfair for fans to boo the quarterback in last Sunday’s 17-14 Steelers loss at home to the New England Patriots.

Via Mark Kaboly of The Athletic:

“I don’t think it is fair that it happened to Mitch (getting booed on Sunday) because I wouldn’t blame Mitch for the performance. I don’t think that he deserved the fans getting on him (Sunday). I hate it for Mitch because I don’t think it’s fair.”

Trubisky was 21-of-33 for 168 passing yards, a touchdown, and an interception in a 17-14 loss to the New England Patriots.  Fans were heard chanting for rookie Kenny Pickett during the game. Mitchell responded to hearing the chants.

Big Ben is asking Steelers fans  to “give the man a chance” before they decide he’s not the right fit.   He e also urged his old team to take a less conservative approach on offense.

“Go down the field. Take some shots down the field,” Roethlisberger said. “Whether that’s the play-calling, whether that’s Mitchell not throwing if it was called, I don’t know. But I just kept sitting there like, ‘Come on. You’ve got to back a defense up.’ … Every once in a while, take one shot. We are missing the explosive plays right now.”

The Steelers  will face the Browns on the road for Thursday night football.

That means at least a week off of Mitch hearing the Pickett chants.

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