DK Metcalf Trolled For Caving During Online Feud With Shannon Sharpe

Seattle Seahawks star receiver DK Metcalf engaged in a Twitter back-and-forth with FS1’s Shannon Sharpe after the receiver was criticized for not going out-of-bounds late in the game against the Steelers on Sunday night.


When DK Metcalf referred to Shannon Sharpe as “lil boy”, Sharpe told the young receiver to check his stats, saying he would be lucky to have a career as successful.

Apparently Metcalf looked at Shannon Sharpe’s career, and he must have thought twice about coming at the retired All-Pro to begin with.

DK Metcalf was immediately trolled for backing down to Shannon Sharpe.

Shannon Sharpe didn’t continue to attack DK Metcalf after the receiver decided to back off.

He undoubtedly received some satisfaction in winning his Twitter feud.

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