Steph Curry Shares His Take On Controversial Jordan Poole Play On Ja Morant

Steph Curry and the Warriors asserted their dominance in the Game 3 win over the Grizzlies on Saturday night. But perhaps what’s even more worrisome for Memphis is Ja Morant getting hurt during the game.

When Jordan Poole was trying to trap Morant, the Warriors rookie appeared to grab Morant’s knee, and he limped off shortly thereafter.

After the game, Ja Morant called out Jordan Poole for ‘braking the code’ during the play.

When asked about the controversial play after the game, Steph Curry adamantly stood up for Jordan Poole.

“It’s unfortunate that’s a conversation right now. Obviously nobody wants to see anybody get hurt. But, there’s nothing malicious about what Jordan [Poole] did. There’s no comparison to what Dillon [Brooks] did or what Draymond… nothing in that vein.”

In his first NBA season, Jordan Poole has proved to be a massive difference-maker for Steph Curry and the Warriors. And he’s by no means been deemed a dirty player throughout his career.

However, Ja Morant is rightfully frustrated after being taken out during such a contentious series.

We’re all hoping for a speedy return for Ja.

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