Patrick Beverley, Girlfriend Mandana Hit Up New York Amid Chris Paul Controversy

Patrick Beverley is loving the offseason.

Beverley seems to be enjoying all the attention for making more outlandish claims. He went viral for calling Chris Paul a traffic cone.

The reactions were not great. 

On Tuesday, Beverley seemingly tried to recruit Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James to the Minnesota Timberwolves, citing taxes as a prime reason to leave L.A. for Minneapolis.

Beverley seems to believe that if he were on the Lakers, he would be the one to lead the four-time MVP.

“No discredit to LeBron James, but he’s doing so much,” Beverley said. “… Who’s their leader? Who’s telling LeBron, ‘Hey LeBron, you gotta be low man, bro. That ain’t your help out. You gotta X-out.’ No one’s telling him that. Not on a consistent basis. I’m gonna tell everyone that because I want to win.”

And Beverley also managed to squeeze in a little trip with his girlfriend Mandana. The two hit up NYC.

Watch below:

That smile says it all.

It’s been a lot of Pat Beverley lately, probably more than all of us want or need, but the man plays tough offense off the court.

Can’t wait to see what crazy things he says next.

Until then let’s take a look at more of his girlfriend Mandana below:

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