Someone Turned the Domain Barstool into an Anti Dave Portnoy Platform

Barstool Sports is the very well known sports blog that has turned into a global phenomenon. The only thing possibly more famous than the barstool brand itself, is its founder, Dave Portnoy.  Portnoy has been a guy never afraid to speak his mind. Sometimes that unwillingness to play ball with the mainstream media has gotten him into some controversies. Looks like he’s made some enemies along the way.

If you type in the address, you’ll be directed to a picture of Portnoy with Trump (You can see at the top of the page).

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Then it rotates to different videos and articles of Portnoy’s most recent controversies. Kind of like a chatroulette with anti Portnoy content.

Here are some of the videos:

Here’s an example of an article the domain links to: 

There’s no doubt Barstool Sports would love to own the domain Barstool, but whomever owns it, is definitely not selling it to Portnoy.

It’s always fun to see this kind of shenanigans with cyber squatters.

If anyone knows who’s responsible, send us a tip, we’d love to see Portnoy go after this guy.

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