Kyle Kuzma Reacts to Nick Wright’s Odd Michael Jordan Ranking

Nick Wright loves to stir the pot.

Wright has been quick to dismiss some of today’s best players, and he has also likes to minimize what greats like Michael Jordan did during his playing days. Wright recently dropped his list of the best NBA players of all time, and Wright ranked Michael Jordan as the 3rd best of all time. Kyle Kuzma was not  having it,  and took his shot at the FS1 personality.

This elicited a strong response from Kuzma, who said:

“This has to be the first list in mankind where MJ is number 3 lol.”

Wright revealed that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is second on his list, all while Michael Jordan is surprisingly third. This is exactly the kind of reactions Wright wanted.

Wright is flat our wrong about MJ, but I think even he knows that..

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