Doc Rivers Gets Blamed After Joel Embiid’s Bombshell Injury News

Doc Rivers just can’t catch a break.

Even after fending off the haters who called for his head when it looked like the 76ers were in jeopardy of blowing a 3-0 lead to the Raptors, Rivers and the Sixers were delivered a huge blow after it was announced yesterday that superstar center Joel Embiid will be out for the foreseeable future for a concussion and facial fracture.

The worst part of the whole Joel Embiid injury for Philly fans — he didn’t need to be in the game. The 76ers already had a commanding lead in the series-clincher when Pascal Siakam delivered the blow that will now have Embiid sidelined.

The play occurred with less than four minutes remaining and the Sixers up 29 points.

Shortly after the Joel Embiid injury news dropped, fans flocked to social media to blame Doc Rivers for keeping the big man in the game throughout the blowout.

Now, Doc Rivers and the Philadelphia 76ers will face the already daunting task of going up against the #1 seed without their best player and playmaker.

Sure, we can blame Siakam for throwing a nasty blow to Embiid. But at the end of the day, there was no reason to even have the big man on the floor at that stage of the game.

If the 76ers come up short against the Heat, the Doc Rivers decision to keep a banged up Joel Embiid in during a blowout will linger all offseason long.

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