Ezekiel Elliott Feels Like His Medical Privacy Was Violated Since Everyone Now Knows He Has The ‘Rona

PREVIOUSLY: Ezekiel Elliott Plus Multiple Cowboys And Texans Have Tested Positive For Coronavirus

It came out earlier today that multiple Cowboys and Texans, including Ezekiel Elliott, tested positive for COVID-19. While no player other than Zeke was named, no player also had their very own agent chime in on the reports:

Is it a HIPAA violation if your agent declares the postive test to the media when asked? I’d say probably not. But Zeke disagreed in a couple of tweets that didn’t particularly seem like they were actually written by him:

Players are entitled to some degree of privacy for their medical issues much like anyone else. But when you’re a public figure who’d previously flouted shelter-in-place laws during the peak of the pandemic, maybe you lose some of that a bit when you actually get the virus a few weeks later?

If anything, I’d say that Ezekiel Elliott’s positive test (as well as whatever other Texans and Cowboys caught it) coming out is a civic duty he’s done for the people. America has largely started to resume business even though states like Texas have clocked the highest rates of infection for COVID-19 over the last few days. If Ezekiel Elliott can get it, Average Joe Cowboys Fan can and will get it too. And that goes doubly for Jerry Jones and whatever maskless stripper contact he’s likely indulged in over the last few weeks. As COVID-19’s “second wave” kicks in with soaring infection rates, the Cowboys may be America’s Team now more than they’ve been at any point over the last two decades.

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