Jake Paul Sends Offer During Floyd Mayweather’s Dominant Performance

Last night, Floyd Mayweather was back in the ring for the first time we’ve seen since his anti-climactic bout with Logan Paul. But this time, he wasn’t messing around.

Early and often during the bout with former sparring partner Don Moore, “Money” Mayweather asserted his dominance, and in the end, it appeared Moore was close to being KO’ed before being saved by the bell.

While the boxing community was raving about the performance put on by the 45 year old Mayweather, Jake Paul wasn’t impressed.

He took to social media to send his thoughts on how he’d match up with the undefeated Mayweather.

Perhaps Jake Paul wants Floyd Mayweather in the ring next after his brother got the first crack?

Honestly, if the Paul brothers want to be taken more seriously, they should probably look towards getting fights with actual boxers their size and age. But at the end of the day, a Floyd Mayweather-Jake Paul card would probably still make a whole lot of money — which seems like all this is about, for now.

We’ll await to see who Jake Paul’s next opponent ends up being.

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