A Visibly Uncomfortable Phil Mickelson Responds To Criticism Of LIV Tour

Veteran golfer Phil Mickelson will be at the center of controversy this weekend at the US Open.

Last week, Mickelson and a few other big-named golfers spurned the PGA Tour when playing in the first LIV Golf tournament.

Mickelson’s jump to LIV was especially controversial given his comments about the Saudis who run the league earlier in the year.

On Monday, Phil Mickelson had to face the media, and spoke on all the criticism he’s been receiving.

“I respect and I understand their opinions,” Mickelson said Monday. “And I understand that they have strong feelings and strong emotions regarding this choice. And I certainly respect that.”

Almost immediately, fans noticed that Phil Mickelson was visibly uncomfortable during the interview.

Phil Mickelson still hasn’t resigned from the PGA Tour like other members of LIV Golf.

“I’ve earned that lifetime membership, so I think it should be my choice,” he said.

To this day, the US Open is the one major that Phil Mickelson has never won, which means eyes would have been all over him this weekend anyways. But now, that spotlight will be magnified significantly.

It’ll be interesting to see how he handles it.

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