Video: University of Georgia Fan Fights Oregon Fan, Punches Hat Straight Off Fan’s Head

Another live sporting event, another fight breaks out.

The University of Georgia Bulldogs destroyed the Oregon Ducks over this past weekend, 49-3. It was quite the shellacking. Things got a little testy in the concourse where some Georgia fans had a fight with what appears to be an Oregon fan decked out in black. Or maybe it’s another Georgia fan, I mean who really knows a fan’s allegiance.  All we know is that a female Ducks fan picked up the guy’s hat as he fought it out with the other guys.

You can watch the fight below:

The hat flying off on the punch is something you don’t see everyday.  At this point we’ve seen so many of these fan fights, it’s really hard to remember any of them, so the hat will be a nice marker to remember this one.

Overall, it was a pretty weak fight, very low energy, possibly the result of the game getting out of hand early. Just imagine the energy in this fight if this game wasn’t such a blowout. This early in the season it’s not a good sign to be going through this stuff in slow-motion. Only the guy in the Kirby Smart visor seemed ready for this and even he ended up on the ground. Georgia fans clearly have a lot to work on.

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