Sportsbook Reveals the Top Three Biggest Public Point-Spread Bets For the Opening Week of College Football

We’re officially right in the thick of football season.

Although last week marked the start of college football season, this is the first Saturday we’ve been gifted with a full slate of football on a Saturday, and bettors have pounced at the opportunity to try to make some money.

With several blue-blood matchups throughout college football going down tonight, Bet MGM revealed which teams the public has been backing the most today.

Per ESPN’s David Payne Purdum, the three teams getting the most backing from the public today are Notre Dame, Arkansas and Cincinnati

“Teams that have attracted the most point-spread bets @BetMGMbooks: 1. Notre Dame (at Ohio State) 2. Arkansas (vs. Cincinnati) 3. Ohio St (vs. Notre Dame),” Purdum said in a tweet.

Of course, the large fan bases for all three universities is the main reason why public bettors are swarming to take Notre Dame, Arkansas and Cincinnati. But perhaps they’ll be rewarded for their gutsy approach.

When told how big of underdogs his Fighting Irish were against Ohio State, Notre Dame head coach Marcus Freeman pledged to use it as motivation for his squad.

“You said 17.5 points? We’ll use that in team meeting today,” Freeman said via Notre Dame insider Pete Sampson.

Regardless of how high of underdogs they are, Fighting Irish fans will undoubtedly be amped up for their opening week game against another big program, and the betting action has reflected just that.

Since opening as a 17.5 point dog, Notre Dame has moved to +15.5, per DraftKings.

The game is set for 7:30 ET on ABC.

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