ESPN’s Steve Levy Had An Extremely Strange Pronunciation Of “Marvel” During The Super Wild Card Round

The Wild Card game between the Rams and Cardinals was so uneventful that the attention unfortunately turned to ESPN commentator, Steve Levy.

And during the broadcast, Levy riled up the people on social media after he hilariously mis-pronounced the movie company, Marvel, when making small talk with his fellow announcers.

It sounded like Steve Levy somehow made the mistake of calling the company “Mar-vell”

Other fans were quick to make jokes about Steve Levy’s Marvel gaffe.

You know it’s a rather boring game when Steve Levy is trending for how he pronounced “Marvel” instead of the game itself. And unfortunately, a lot of the games during Super Wild Card Weekend ended in blowout fashion.

But luckily, we’ll have many more great NFL Playoff games coming in the future. And hopefully they will take the attention away from how strange Steve Levy’s pronunciations are.

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