Video: Jake Paul Dancing with Anderson Silva Has Fans Thinking Their Boxing Match Is Already Fixed

Jake Paul is all about putting on a show.

With some fans always skeptical that any fight he’s involved in may be fixed. A recent video of Anderson Silva and Jake Paul together has only fueled that fire, and of course is making the rounds on Social Media. Silva and Paul have both done a good amount of promotion for Saturday’s fight. One of the things that they each did recently is a dance battle for Paul’s company Most Valuable Promotions.

Watch the two getting chummy below:

The two laughing and yucking it up isn’t sitting  well with MMA or boxing fans. Some are calling out the two and thinking the Fix is already in. Silva could be planning to take a dive against Paul according to  the conspiracy theorists.

It’s definitely surprising to some that Anderson Silva is coming out of retirement for a boxing match with YouTube megastar Jake Paul. Even more surprising is the fact that Paul is a -185 favorite according to DraftKings Sportsbook.

Jake Paul and Silva made the fight in September and are now set to square off on Saturday night in Glendale, Arizona.

Paul’s boxing “career” is on a roll, but continuing to beat fighters that aren’t actually boxers is getting tiresome. So it’s no surprise to these allegations pop up again.

But proving the allegations true is going to be difficult. You know if he beats Silva he’s eventually going to have to fight a real boxer.

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