UFC Heavyweight Champ Francis Ngannou Shares Video and Details of His Knee Surgery

UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou shared videos and an update of his knee surgeries.

Both of his knees were worked on by Dr. Alattrache in Los Angeles, California, stating that he needed and ACL reconstruction on one and and MCL repair on the other.

The champ also said that there was no meniscus damage which is a big positive as some feared he may have done more extensive damage in his title fight against Cyril Gane in January.

Announcers and fans were left confused to see Ngannou show up to the fight wearing knee compression braces in January, which left many to wonder if it was for his wrestling.

In the end, we found out that Francis had been fighting with two bum knees but that he did not want to pull out of the fight and opted to postpone surgery until his title defense.

Luckily for Ngannou, he was able to defeat Gane and hold on to the title. Many inside of Ngannou’s camp felt he might have done serious damage fighting on his bad knees, but at this point, it seems like a full recovery is going to be made.

There is no expected time frame for his recovery as both knees need to heel properly before he even starts to think of his title defense.

I would expect the UFC to once again hold another Heavyweight Interim title match. Stipe Miocic has not been in the ring since his violent loss against Ngannou in March 2021, while a fight against Cyril Gane might make sense. Another heavyweight that has been generating lots of buzz is Tai Tuivasa who is currently ranked 3rd in the heavyweight division and riding a hot 5 win KO streak.

Sending our best to Ngannou on his recovery!

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