Tyrese Haliburton’s Girlfriend Jade Jones Goes Viral During NBA Draft

Meet Tyrese Haliburton’s girlfriend Jade Jones, the viral star of last night’s NBA Draft. Point guard Tyrese Haliburton entered the 2020 NBA Draft as a projected lottery pick and was selected by the Sacramento Kings as the 12th pick of the first round. The 20-year-old was pictured in a floral tuxedo sitting beside two women. This prompted many fans to ask one question:

Who is NBA lottery pick Tyrese Haliburton’s girlfriend?

The lady in question is none other than Jade Jones, the woman pictured on his left in the picture below. His mother, Brenda, is the lady on his right.

After the shots from Haliburton’s celebration aired, Twitter did its thing:



The NBA draft can really makes stars.

Check out more of  Tyrese’s girlfriend Jade below:

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