Tom Brady Turns A Year Older And Adds Tech Savvy-less Dad Jokes To His Repertoire

A happy 43rd birthday to the man known as NFL’s Greatest Of All Time, and apparently a berth of Dad jokes in store for his heirs to the throne for years to come.

While the now-Tampa Tom has relocated to the Buccaneers and reestablished a teammate in Rob Gronkowski since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, that’s not to say that the oft-seemingly antiquated dry humor of Tom Brady was left behind in New England with his ex-coach Bill Belichick (while The Hoodie still possesses plenty of those features to the fullest).

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On Monday when Tom took to Twitter to commemorate his milestone in NFL quarterback aging, the six-time Super Bowl Champion elected to incorporate his recently scoffed-upon demonstration of dated technological prowess when given the opportunity to remind the world of his next stride toward senility.

Tom Brady Turns A Year Older And Adds Tech Savvy-less Dad Jokes To His Repertoire

Already having one phone-related scandal under his belt wasn’t enough (no, not on the Brett Favre scale of phone scandal), and instead of Goodell coming for him this time, it was his slew of Instagram followers just after blatantly projecting his pre-4G LTE typewriter via car media dashboard.

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Besides the two Super Bowl losses to the lesser of the two Mannings, this brutal self-exposure of half-decade old electronics will be a hard one to ever live down with the kids. Another decade of championship victories will resonate forever, but the iPhone 6+ memes will be every bit as eternal as long as the internet exists (not to mention the Off The Wall album screenshot for garnish).

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