Matt LaFleur Had The Perfect Response To Arthur Smith Mocking His Pregame Mirror Routine

Matt LaFleur and new Falcons head coach Arthur Smith have had a history of coaching on the same staff with the Tennessee Titans, so it’s no surprise that the two guys felt comfortable throwing some jabs at each other this week.

First, Arthur Smith talked about how LaFleur spends an hour before every game looking into the mirror.

“I don’t spend an hour looking in the mirror before games like Matt Lafleur does,” Smith said.


Matt LaFleur didn’t hold back from Arthur Smith in his response.

LaFleur admitted that he may have been looking into the mirror to get his clothes right, while Smith was working on his hair with Just For Men.

He then pointed out that Smith is actually younger than him despite the appearance.

It seems like it was a friendly back-and-forth between Matt LaFleur and Arthur Smith, with the Packers head coach admitting that, “Arthurs a great friend of mine.”

The two friends have come a long way from their Tennessee days. LaFleur has been able to turn the Packers offense around in his first two years taking over for Mike McCarthy, and Smith will be in charge of the rebuild in Atlanta.

All over the league, smart, young coaches are taking over. And both Matt LaFleur and Arthur Smith appear to be among the top up-and-comers.

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