Tom Brady Thinks Bucs’ Super Bowl Ring is ‘Most Incredible Ring That’s Ever Been Made’

Tom Brady gets another ring, and this one he’s super impressed with. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers got to celebrate the franchise’s 2nd Super Bowl title once again on Thursday night as they finally received their Super Bowl rings and they might be one of the nicest championship rings ever created.

The top of the ring features 319 total round diamonds to represent the 31-9 score from the game, nine diamonds on the left trophy to represent the 9 points allowed, and eight emerald-cut diamonds on each side to represent the eight straight wins that led to the Super Bowl LV win.


Even Tom Brady himself declared it to be the most incredible ring that’s ever been made and he’s someone who knows a thing or seven about rings.

Something tells me Tom’s next ring will be the most incredible one he’s ever seen.

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