The FBI Finds That The Noose In Bubba Wallace’s Garage Was An Errant One That Had Been There Since 2019

PREVIOUSLY: Bubba Wallace Garage Noose: NASCAR To Find Racists & “Eliminate Them From The Sport”

FOX Sports’ Bob Pockrass posted the following statement from the FBI on their findings from the noose found in NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace’s garage during this weekend’s Geico 500 at Talladega:

There’s no additional specifics on this was some sort of unrelated noose or if it was a functional rope tied in a way that looked similar. UPDATE: NASCAR’s statement provides some more clarity:

I’m sure the Twitter reaction will be respectful and muted and not feature conspiracy idiots doing victory laps for having proved racism doesn’t exist. But it has to be something of a relief that NASCAR doesn’t have someone who’s not only that racist but also that overtly stupid in their mix. With the cameras everywhere, it seemed likely that a culprit would have instantly identified and barred from the track. In a sport where the work that goes in can be the difference between winning and almost dying, it’d be legitimately horrifying to have someone that dumb in the mix.

I would also say that anyone thinks NASCAR has “egg on their face” from this is mistaken. Given what we’ve seen around the country, as well as the tension with some longtime NASCAR fans over recent changes to Confederate flag policies, it’s better safe than sorry. As I mentioned yesterday, I really think NASCAR has talked the talk and walked the walk to get a sport with some problematic roots to move towards a modern perspective. And because of that history, they have to be more vigilant and aggressive about any potentially bad situations like this one. If anything, it’s probably another wake-up call that this seemed like a plausible thing that could occur. The work there is far from done.

But hey, there’s one less incident of racism in America for everyone to tackle. Now onto the other 857,573,102,938,484 or so left.

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