Texans VP Jack Easterby Did A Stand Up Routine And It Might Be The Most Cringe-Worthy Thing I’ve Ever Seen

When Jack Easterby isn’t busy ruining the Houston Texans’ organization, he makes speeches. The former chaplain and character coach with the Patriots somehow became the vice president of the Texans, and was even the interim GM when Bill O’Brien was fired.

An old video of Jack Easterby trying his hand in comedy has surfaced through the web, and I think it perfectly sums up how much of a joke the Texans are. Check it out.

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In Easterby’s routine he literally just takes the biggest stereotype from every region of America, and does his best impersonation. It might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever watched. The worst part? Cal McNair and the Houston Texans are somehow all-in on this guy.

Despite Deshaun Watson being upset with Easterby’s involvement in the team, McNair has maintained that he will not be firing him. He even claims to have liked the work Easterby did when he was the GM this season.

“The scrutiny on Jack is really unjustified,” McNair said to the Houston Chronicle. “Jack was put into that role the organization needed by me. If missteps were made during that process, we’ll own those within our building. Jack will (return) to the role he was brought here for and what he grew into after he got here.”

The lame attempt at comedy really brought out how much of a joke Jack Easterby is. No wonder Deshaun Watson wants out.

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