Steelers Pick 260-Pound Punter Pressley Harvin III In Final Round Of NFL Draft

The Seventh Round of the NFL Draft is typically around the range where punters can expect to be drafted. That is if they are to be drafted at all. The Pittsburgh Steelers ensured that Pressley Harvin III was the only punter to receive such an honor this year.

The Steelers used their final pick on Harvin Saturday. The former Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket was taken by the Black and Gold at No. 254 overall.


Harvin being the only punter drafted this year isn’t the only unique distinction he carries. Let’s just say that its quite rare to see a punter the size of a linebacker!

Whoa! 6’0″, 260+ pounds?! Now THAT is a punter right there!

Pressley Harvin is indeed built like an absolute truck. How does a punter of his size ever get roughed anyways?

At Georgia Tech, Harvin made a living out of crushing his kicks. He totaled nearly 9400 total yards on 210 career boots as a four-year starter. In 2020, he averaged a career-best 48.0 yards per punt.

Oh, and as if his prowess as a punter wasn’t good enough, Harvin doubles down as a placekick holder. He also has a cannon of an arm, which he showed off a few times in college.

The Steelers are bound to have some fun with their new punter and his passing skills!

Return men may think twice about taking the newest Steeler head on too. Imagine being pancaked by a punter! Pressley Harvin III sure appears to have the goods to make that someone’s unfortunate reality.

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