Simpsons Meme Predicting Cincinnati Bengals Winning Super Bowl Goes Viral

The Simpsons have had an uncanny knack at predicting the future. Many times throughout the years the writers have managed to predict real life outcomes.

That’s at least what one guy who created this meme figured people would buy into.

During a February 6th, 2005 episode titled, “Homer and Ned’s Hail Mary Pass,” Homer is asked to be in the Super Bowl halftime show.

In the episode Homer shows off his “Go Bengals” tattoo on his stomach.

Someone decided to use that picture and run with it. And boy did it go viral.

See below:

The meme as fun as it is, isn’t what the Simpons predicted would happen.

The Super Bowl is shown at the end of the episode, and the Redskins and Buffalo are the teams involved.

Sorry to those Cincy fans who are banking on the Simpsons prognostication.


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