Sportscaster Paola Ferrari Denies Going ‘Basic Instinct’ in X-Rated Viral Video

Italian TV presenter Paola Ferrari was trending over the weekend while covering Euro 2020. Apparently she had a Basic Instinct moment that is being chalked up to a wardrobe malfunction. At one point Ferrari uncrossed her legs, leaving little to the imagination.

The TV presenter denied she had a Sharon Stone type moment.

Watch below:

Ferrari responded to the Sharon Stone comparisons:

“It’s a bit of a stretch, as she is one of the sexiest women in the world.

“In short, the viral video seems a bit exaggerated, I presented two evenings WITH pants.

“Sharon Stone was not wearing underwear in that scene. I, on the other hand, prefer to protect health and hygiene.”

Twitter reacted to the moment:


Hard to tell exactly what was going on, but it does appear like she’s going commando. This is the kind of moment the internet was built for.

Check out more of the Sportscaster below:

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