Shaq Gets Caught By His Son Shareef Commenting On An IG Model’s Booty

Former NBA star big man Shaquille O’Neal has been retired for quite some time now. He stays busy these days broadcasting for TNT’s Inside The NBA alongside Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson. Apparently, Shaq stays busy off the job too as he was recently caught by his son Shareef watching Megan The Stallion on IG live. He left a hilarious comment on Megan’s live show that was definitely not missed by social media. Clearly, it was his son’s job to step up and call him out for his antics.


Shareef wasn’t shy about sharing his feelings about Megan The Stallion all while exposing his dad’s comment. “I feel you pops”, Shareef said in Tik Tok in response to Shaq’s comment.

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There is nothing quite like a little father-son bonding over an Instagram model’s butt. However, you would expect it to be Shareef doing the commenting rather than Shaq. Shareef exposed his father on Tik Tok, but at that point, the world had already seen the comments. I am sure Shaq heard it from his son Shareef too. These things are once in a lifetime opportunities; you just can’t let them slide without a little heckling.


It’s no secret that Shaq has been divorced for several years now, so he wasn’t doing anything egregious here. It is still pretty hilarious in any case. With his kids getting older and his playing career being a thing of the past, Shaq has still got to shoot his shot every now and then.

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