Shaq DM’d a Guy Who Photoshopped Donovan Mitchell Dunking on Him

The NBA old heads continue to make headlines for taking shots at the young guns. Shaq and Charles Barkley recently made headlines for harshly criticizing NBA players. Shaq specifically took a shot at Donovan Mitchell while he was interviewing him, telling him he’s not elite.

Sideaction’s Latest:

Now fans are striking back at the NBA legends.  Someone on Instagram took a picture of Shaq getting dunked on, and photoshopped Donovan Mitchell in the picture. Apparently the IG user received a DM from Shaq, who was not happy about it.

They posted a screenshot of a DM they claim Shaq sent their way that read, “Shut yo dumb ass up.”

Shaq is one man you don’t want to piss off. As long as you keep the trolling to the internet, you should be safe.

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