Ryan Tannehill Admits NFL Rules ‘Forced’ Him To Take Unwanted COVID Vaccine

Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill has joined the long list of NFL players who have been critical of the league’s new restriction for unvaccinated players.

Tannehill spoke to the media during training camp on Wednesday, and revealed that he had no plans to take the COVID vaccine. But after seeing how the rules drastically changed for vaccinated vs. unvaccinated players, he gave in.

“I think it’s a personal decision for everyone, everyone has to make the best decision for them and their families, that’s kind of our mindset in this building,” Ryan Tannehill said when asked on the vaccine debate. “But they’re (NFL) trying to force your hand and they ultimately have forced a lot of hands by the protocols, which is… everyone has their own opinions on it, so, it is what it is. I love this game, I love this team, I want to be able to compete and do the things that I think are important, to build chemistry and win football games, so ultimately that forced my hand to get vaccinated.”


As previously mentioned, Ryan Tannehill is certainly not alone.

Deandre Hopkins, Cole Beasley and Leonard Fournette (to name a few) have announced skepticism with the vaccine.

Cole Beasley, who has made himself a spokesman for the unvaccinated, even had a long statement on the vaccine on Wednesday.

Ryan Tannehill now won’t be blamed if an outbreak in the Titans locker room leads to a forfeited game. He also won’t be subjected to the $15,000 fine imposed if an unvaccinated player goes against protocols.

Unvaccinated players will also be tested daily for the virus, while vaccinated players will only have to do it once a week.

Ryan Tannehill knows that taking the vaccine helps the Titans this season. But that doesn’t mean he was very happy about taking it.

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