Rob Gronkowski Sends Message To Tom Brady After Admitting That He Doesn’t Watch Film

Rob Gronkowski joined the Manning brothers’ alternate Monday Night Football broadcast earlier tonight. And as expected, there were plenty of fireworks.

The bigger viral moment from the Gronkowski segment was when the decorated tight end admitted that he never watches film before or after games.

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Once Rob Gronkowski realized his admission was going viral on Twitter, he hopped on to send a message to Tom Brady – who he claims watches enough film for the two of them combined.

So far, Tom Brady hasn’t responded to Rob Gronkowski with his own quip (gotta be past his bed time). But we’re bound to get some sort of funny quote from the GOAT in due time.

Despite not watching film, Gronkowski is clearly doing something right with his preparation. Because when it’s all said and done he’ll be considered one of the best tight ends to ever play the game.

Something about the connection between Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski just works … even if they couldn’t be more different in how they approach their game prep.

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