Police Chief Provides Some Clarity On Richard Sherman’s “Burglary Domestic Violence” Arrest

Veteran NFL defensive back Richard Sherman is in a whole lot of trouble on Wednesday after he was arrested and held without bail on a “burglary domestic violence” charge.

While a lot of details are murky, Redmond, Wash. chief of police, Darrell Lowe, spoke to reporters a little bit ago.


Lowe revealed that Sherman was attempting to break into the home of his “ex in-laws” when he was arrested early Wednesday morning.


Shortly after the press conference, Richard Sherman’s wife, Ashley Moss, took to social media to correct Darrell Lowe.

The home belongs to her parents, and she is very much still married to Richard Sherman.

It remains unclear what Richard Sherman was doing trying to get into the home of his in-laws. But it was also reported that he may have been involved in a single-car hit and run earlier in the night.

“Washington State Police also are investigating Richard Sherman in connection to a hit and run, and damage to state Department of Transportation property.  State police say that at about 1:00 a.m. PT, they received a report of a single-car incident. A car struck a concrete barrier,” Adam Schefter said in a tweet.

The optics of this whole case would make it seem like there is some family drama involved in the ordeal. Luckily, no one appears to have been hurt. And We’ll await any more information.

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