Renowned Doctor Immanuel: Average DFS Player Likely Suffers From This Crazy Sex Problem

A nationally renowned medical expert recently had some strong words of warning for DFS players and gamblers alike. The licensed Houston physician, Dr. Stella Immanuel, said in articles posted to her website that people who “stop getting along with” their significant other or “lose money” are typically prone to suffering from a bizarre sexual disorder.

As we know, the average DFS player loses money (you can fix that you know: $25 for 31 days of NBA: promo code SIDEACTIONNBA) so when Dr. Immanuel says this the demographic in this community should apparently listen up. The doctor would elaborate on the issue saying that it could impact not only the money losing individual but their spouse and potentially their offspring as well.

Doctor Immanuel was quoted as saying the condition that could impact up to 85% of the DFS community included “serious gynecological problems. The list included “endometriosis, we call them molar pregnancies, we call them fibroids, we call them cysts” and went on to add “miscarriages, impotence—men that can’t get it up.” And these are just the side effects.


The doctor would elaborate in quotes posted by The Daily Beast saying “They turn into a woman and then they sleep with the man and collect his sperm, then they turn into the man and they sleep with a man and deposit the sperm and reproduce more of themselves.” and would go on to describe the demons that come in the night to cause health problems through demon dream sex. These “spirit husband and spirit wives” enter the dreamworld and have their way with the unknowing victim.

Immanuel would say that likely indicators for demonic dream sex include: if they “have a sex dream about someone they know or a celebrity, wake up aroused, stop getting along with their real-world spouse, lose money, or generally experience any hardship.” However you don’t want to confuse a demonic sex dream with one where a human witch is inducing your dream.

immanuel demon sex

Apparently a group of witches out there are projecting their beings into Dr. Strange style to have astral sex. No, I said astral. Immanuel would say “There are those that are called astral sex. That means this person is not really a demon being or a nephilim. It’s just a human being that’s a witch, and they astral project and sleep with people.”

If you think that sounds like good advice, you’ll probably want to hear more from Dr. Immanuel. She also espouses her beliefs that witches in the Illuminati are running international conspiracies, that “alien DNA” is being used to treat people medically, that curses are responsible for many medical ailments, that vaccines are a plan to microchip people and that hydroxychloroquine is a cure for Covid-19.

That last one is kind of important…

Yep, turns out that the demon dream sex lady is the same “doctor” who is now the president’s go-to authority on the Coronavirus. This is the woman behind the viral misinformation campaign that all social media sites, even Facebook, took down over the weekend. In the banned video she tells The White Coat Summit – a gathering of pretend doctors sharing lies that was organized by The Tea Party Patriots group – that “Nobody needs to get sick, this virus has a cure.” It doesn’t. 

Before re-tweeting the link to the video, the President would say “I think they’re very respected doctors, there was a woman who was spectacular in her statements about it.” The removed video was also re-tweeted by Donald Trump Jr. who had his account banned for spreading misinformation in response.

If you’re trying to find it you might not, but don’t worry, Dr. Immanuel called in one of her big guns to make sure it gets re-posted:

Dr. Immanuel also believes that the Magic 8 Ball we played with as kids has actual powers in a scheme to get kids to adopt witchcraft, saying “the 8-ball was psychic.” She also has it in for kids’ entertainment like Harry Potter were to indoctrinated kids into witchcraft and evil and that schools are “teaching children to meditate so they can meet with demons.”

Now look, I’m not telling you what to believe. I’m not telling you that you have to think this woman is crazy for her beliefs and that you should be extremely concerned that she is now a leading authority speaking directly to our President about the current pandemic. I am telling you that if you believe in her points on infectious disease you must also believe that you’re being raped by demons in your sleep.

It’s important to consider who these people are and what other things they think and believe before blindly accepting what they say just because it aligns with a view of how you’d like things to be. There are dangerous fictions being spread out there, listen to doctors. Real doctors.

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